• Flurin Caviezel

Crisis Blog Part 3 - Call To All Superheroes


Stay cool an relax. As Dr. Bruce Banner you will have to develop an vaccine for the Corona-Virus.

Superwoman und Superman

Fly to the Airport immediately. You must help to transport medication, relief supplies an toilet paper.


Home Office for you. The Wayne Foundation must function.


Help to produce breathing apparatus for Hamilton. It’s urgent to work fast!


Engage on home delivery service. All ordbers are late. And bring banana curd for auntie.

Silver Surfer

Stay behind the third moon of saturn in quarantine, othervise you conaminate the hole universe.

Captain America (Born 1918)

Stay at home, your more than 65 years old. Spiderman does your shopping.

Doctor Who und Doctor Strange

Report to the Triemli Hospital!

Let’s all be heroes and act collectively. Everyone on its own way!